Scott Ian, guitarist and founding member of Anthrax, is a huge zombie fan.  Err, "walker" I should say ... they never say "zombie" ... and Sunday night he'll play one on tv during AMC's "The Walking Dead".

According to Ian, horror is a natural fit for all metal heads.

"They've always gone hand in hand. Metal guys are huge nerds. A good percentage of are either horror or sci-fi or comic book or fantasy nerds. So, all of a sudden if you have some disposable income, you're like, 'Wow, I can actually buy that zombie head from that movie!'

He will also take questions on the after show, "Talking Dead". If you have a question you'd like to send in for Scott to answer, submit it here.

Catch Anthrax, so to speak, May 25th at the KLAQ Balloon Festival!

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