Father's Day is right around the corner! One of my favorite places to get some awesome stuff is Target. Target is great and their huge display of Father's day gifts and cards is amazing! Unfortunately, sometimes the things they do can't please everyone.

Takeisha Saunders of Rockwell, Texas was looking for a card for her husband one day. In a now deleted Instagram post, Takeisha says she was looking for a card with a black couple on it and she managed to find one. The card had a couple lovingly kissing each other with the words "Baby Daddy" sprawled across the card. If you look up the definition of "Baby Daddy" on Urban Dictionary it shows you that it's not usually a term of endearment. Well, suffice it to say Takeisha was not happy about and basically called Target out! Here's Takeisha's post on Facebook:

Here's what the inside of the card says:

Takeisha wasn't the only one who was upset and Target eventually got wind of it and apologized on Twitter via the Ask Target account. The account posted that they were aware of the concerns and the card will be pulled from about 900 Target stores. Target wasn't the only one who received backlash for the card, American Greetings the maker of the card, also got called out for it and apologized as well saying it "missed the mark."