The tallest tree in Texas is taller than the longest tunnel in New Mexico is long.

Yep, the difference between the longest tunnel in New Mexico and the tallest tree in Texas is about 13 feet. (138' vs. 125') Insert obligatory "everything's bigger in Texas" remark here.

It's a loblolly pine and it's not only tall, it's pretty old. Experts say it's been there at least 100 years. (See a pic here.) They can crack 200, the oldest one known of today is 241.

If you want a pine tree for your yard, you might want to consider a loblolly ... they grow fast, averaging 24 inches per year. They do well in drought conditions, love sunshine and aren't super thirsty.

1 - 2 inches of water per week is good enough for them which should help them hold up well in the hot 'n dry El Paso area.

Where Is The Tallest Tree In Texas?

The tallest tree in Texas resides within the 20,000-acre Boggy Slough Conservation in Trinity and Houston counties. It is west of the city of Lufkin. Specifically, you can find the tree adjacent to the Cochino Bayou -

Ironically, the Boggy Slough Conservation area was used for logging back in the day. Luckily, this one was spared the axe and is doing great, looking down on all the other trees.

What Are Loblolly's Used For?

Loblolly's have a bunch of different construction uses, both interior and exterior,

Their resin is used to make turpentine and rosin.

There is a loblolly tree on the grounds of the White House whose seeds were taken into space aboard Apollo 14 before being planted there.

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