Staff members from a local brewery discuss their jobs and brews. If you've been curious about how it all works, then this will give you a tour and insight on brewing.

Subharmonic City caught up with the staff from DeadBeach Brewery to discuss their brew. From how it all started to where they are now in the business industry. Their brew is spread throughout El Paso at different locations besides the brewery itself. Clearly listening to Justin and Gabe discuss beer 101 above can leave your taste buds salivating. Gabe also explains how fast he can make Lager compared to the others. They accommodate to all walks of life like the baby boomers, millennials and generation X. Something Justin and Gabe also got right were how we all have a love for beer and share that interest.

It's always an interesting tale to hear of how a local business got started and is where it is now!

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