It's good to be Joe Rogan. Life has also certainly changed for Joe over the past year. Yeah, we all have had to deal with COVID, but Joe signed a huge deal with Spotify for exclusive rights to The Joe Rogan Experience, and he also made the move out of California to Texas. His new studio over in Austin has also been very polarizing. But as he's explained on the podcast, they put that thing together in just a few weeks.

So what has Rogan done with his money so far? Apparently he bought a super nice house. Check out this video of the house that Rogan bought.

Yup, dude was able to dish out $14.4 million for the house. Rogan had talked about possibly getting out of California for awhile and finally pulled the trigger this year. During the pandemic nonetheless. It all came together super quick too. The rumors that Rogan was really looking into moving to Texas started earlier this year. They started to pick up steam when Rogan's good friend, Joey Diaz, was making the decision to get out of California as well, and he commented on his own podcast that Rogan was making the move.

I do tune in to The Joe Rogan Experience every now and then, but I'm not able to catch every show. There are just too many of them and they're long. Which is a good format, I just don't have the time for it. But if you want a couple recommendations for the rock 'n roll audience, be sure to check out when Rob Zombie has been on, and Maynard James Kennan, who was just on this past week.


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