Lots of people think they know how to cook a steak. Not that many people really do. If you want some real advice? Go to a pro. Someone who does it for a living and is good at it. This is where Evan Funke comes in. He was recently on the Joe Rogan Experience and they started talking about how to cook a steak. Who is Evan Funke?

Evan Funke is a culinary storyteller, a custodian of Italian tradition and a master of the old world techniques of handmade pasta. Funke’s singular passion as a pasta maker and chef was solidified in Bologna, under the mentorship of Alessandra Spisni at La Vecchia Scuola Bolognese. Evan brings nearly two decades of excellence to Gusto 54 in their first international venture on Abbot Kinney in Venice, California. Felix Trattoria embodies a philosophy of seasonality, warm hospitality and the deeply rooted culinary traditions of regional Italy.

A couple things he said to Joe Rogan really stood out to me.

  1. I'm not a big T-bone person but he says that if you are cooking on, start it on its side, on the bone. This helps it to cook evenly.
  2. It's all about heat management. He talked about how he uses wood and some wood burns fast, while others burn slow. He's constantly adjusting the heat to cook the steak properly.
  3. He'll take up to an hour to cook a steak. He recommends high heat and then giving the steak a break. High heat and then giving the steak a break. Do this over and over until you get the right type of steak you want.

Check out the full video below and realize that you have most likely been cooking your steaks wrong your entire life. If you haven't been doing it wrong, I just have one question. When are we eating at your place?

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