El Pasoan Skateboards His Way To Fame [VIDEO]
I have had a certain goal I have been wanting to reach but never kept it up like Jacob Whitt has. This young man who goes by the name of Jacob Whitt has goals and has been reaching every single one that he puts for himself. He does have a future that will take part in helping others, the less fortunate and becoming a well known freestyle skateboarder.
Bracketology, Smacketology. What’s All The Fuss About, ESPN? [OPINION]
Bracketology noun 1. A term invented by some ESPN marketing wonk implying that there is actual science behind picking which schools will be selected to play in the NCAA Tournament; made to stick because ESPN owns the TV rights to the entire world except for, ironically, the NCAA men's basketball tournament, and don't you just know they're pissed about that.

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