I have had a certain goal I have been wanting to reach but never kept it up like Jacob Whitt has. This young man who goes by the name of Jacob Whitt has goals and has been reaching every single one that he puts for himself. He does have a future that will take part in helping others, the less fortunate and becoming a well known freestyle skateboarder. Jacob has been through a lot but he said what helped him find happiness is the passion he found in freestyle skateboarding. He is so passionate about skateboarding that over a short period of time he lost over 74 lbs. The majority of the day goes to his skateboarding learning new moves and getting the complicated moves down.  Jacob was born and raised here in El Paso, Texas and graduated from Coronado High School last year. He and his skating partner Bill Robertson who are sponsored by Dr. Skateboard were recently on a local PBS show Blast Beyond. Slowly but surely he is getting recognized for his ultimate freestyling skating skills and especially being able to travel places for tournaments at his age! The next tournament he has coming up is September 8th in Philidelphia for the U.S. Championship of Freestyle skateboarding. Check his recent video out showing off some moves he did around El Paso that has taken him to high places and represents El Paso proudly!

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