Who is the greatest movie monster of all time? We need to find out, so we're setting up a whole bracket for you to vote on these monsters. Here is the list of monsters:

  1. Freddy Krueger 
  2. Jason Voorhees 
  3. Leatherface 
  4. Dracula 
  5. Frankenstein’s Monster 
  6. Michael Myers 
  7. Pumpkinhead 
  8. Pinhead 
  9. Pennywise 
  10. Norman Bates 
  11. Godzilla 
  12. King Kong 
  13. Jigsaw 
  14. Wolf Man 
  15. Xenomorph (Alien) 
  16. Predator 
  17. Ghostface (Scream)
  18. Chucky 
  19. The Thing 
  20. Wicked Witch of the West 
  21. Jaws 
  22. Gill-Man (Creature from the Black Lagoon) 
  23. Cujo 
  24. Sadako (The Ring) 
  25. Jack Torrance (The Shining) 
  26. The Candyman 
  27. The Babadook 
  28. Pazuzu (The Exorcist) 
  29. The Blob 
  30. Clover (Cloverfield) 
  31. The Pale Man (Pan’s Labrynth) 
  32. Brundlefly 

Now this isn't necessarily the final list and it isn't in an particular order. I'm not completely sold on all of these yet. I need to make sure I'm not leaving someone out and including someone that might not necessarily need to be in here.

What is the criteria going to be when it comes to voting? Whatever you want it to be. I've heard the following criteria used when having this discussion:

  • Who would win in a fight?
  • Who is more badass?
  • Who is more evil?
  • Who do you secretly root for?

But you don't have to worry about any of that. Just vote for whoever you want to see move on, using whatever criteria you want. It could be your favorite movie monster. Either way, we're starting with 32 total monsters and will be voting until we get one last monster standing. The voting will begin soon, so make sure you let me know if the list needs to be altered at all. Send a message over to the Buzz Adams Morning Show Facebook page.

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