A mural at the Rockhouse Bar & Grill has sparked threats of both violence toward the live music venues owners and damage to the bar itself.

The mural depicts three legendary guitarists: Ace Frehley, Stevie Ray Vaughan and "DimeBag" Darrell Abbott. Dimebag is the figure being singled out over his guitar, a  signature Dime axe made by Dean known as the "Dixie" model for its confederate flag artwork. Dime played this particular guitar a lot, (video above), and it's well known to fans and fellow guitarists alike. According to Rockhouse co-owner Matteo Martinez, its use in the mural ... which has been there for years ... has some calling for it to be removed and others threatening building damage, organized protests and/or physical harm if it isn't.

I asked him how he feels about this and what he plans to do. He said:

For us to be judged for amazing artwork we have on our walls just leaves me at a loss of words and to be honest it disappoints me. That has nothing to do with being racist nor does the painting. The painting will remain up and won’t be changed. We welcome everyone here no matter what race or color of your skin, straight or gay, doesn’t matter.

He added that several members of the Pantera family, a legendary and beloved band Dimebag formed with his brother, Vinnie Paul in the 80's, have been supportive of the mural and have encouraged him to leave it as is. Judging by the comments posted on Facebook, Rockhouse patrons ... who visit to hear "music of all genres, from heavy metal to reggae and everything in between" according to Martinez ... feel the same way.

What do you think?

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