It's 2020 folks. I know that should mean we're moving forward socially, but I don't think it does. After four years of the orange-faced clown in office has apparently set us back a bit. Oh, and it is 2020. Everything has been turned on its head at this point. So this story doesn't really seem that far-fetched, unfortunately.

A church in a small Minnesota town has decided that they are whites only. A council vote that took place earlier this month has allowed this decision to come to fruition. The residents of the town are pushing back though and they have accumulated over 50,000 signatures against the "whites only" church. A longtime resident of Murdock, the Minnesota town, Peter Kennedy said:

I think they thought they could fly under the radar in a small town like this, but we’d like to keep the pressure on them. Racism is not welcome here.

The town consists of only about 280 residents, but people from all over are saying that this shouldn't be allowed including people who live right near the town of Murdock. Jean Lesteberg, who lives in the neighboring town of De Graff, wrote on the city's Facebook page:

Just because the council gave them a conditional permit does not mean that the town and people in the area surrounding will not be vigilant in watching and protecting our area.

What is the church's defense? They claim they're not a white separatist group like many are saying. Lawyer and member of the church Allen Turnage said:

We’re not. It’s just simply not true. Just because we respect our own culture, that doesn’t mean we are denigrating someone else’s.

Just in case you were wondering, that's the BS excuse racists give now. Just like the Proud Boys. "We aren't racist, we just don't want anyone else included because we love our heritage so much."


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