Is your city or state government doing away with your cherished Confederate war monuments and statues? Are you afraid that the way this country is going you soon won't be able to to stand in awe in front of a giant graven image of a person who turned against his own country over the right of some people to own other people?

Friends, I have great news. There's still one place you can find quality memorials to anti-Americanism and white supremacy: at Crazy Lester's Used Confederate Monument Warehouse!

If you hadn't seen in the news, the city of New Orleans, my birthplace, has decided to remove some of the city's monuments honoring civil war "heroes". The first monument they removed was an obelisk commemorating the efforts of disgruntled whites to rebel against the duly elected (and bi-racial) city government back in 1874. It was called the "Battle of Liberty Place" (oh, the irony).

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