American Horror Story Season 6
Our long national nightmare has finally come to an end, just in time for a new national nightmare to begin. American Horror Story has finally premiered its sixth season, revealing the show’s newest theme as My Roanoke Nightmare. Find out what woodland scares went down in the premiere and what to expect from the coming season of American Horror Story!
AmHostSto ‘Mist’-y Theme
It seems absurd to remember that American Horror Story Season 6 will premiere inside of two weeks, while the vast majority of fans know absolutely nothing about the setting or cast. One purported leak seems to be gaining traction, however, pointing toward The Mist as a possible theme and title. Let the wild speculation commence!
Sarah Paulson Is Back!
American Horror Story is nowhere near finished clawing at you last nerve with Season 6's mystery approach, but they wouldn’t dream of a season without undeniable icon and Emmy nominee Sarah Paulson, right? Thankfully, FX knows at at least that much, setting Paulson’s return for American Horror Story Season 6.
First ‘AmHoSto’ Sea. 6 Poster
American Horror Story: Spider-Eyes. American Horror Story: Spider-Face. Whatever it is, the first Season 6 poster sure isn’t about to tell us, and maybe it’s time FX and Ryan Murphy drop this precious teasing, and just clue fans in on the next season already.

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