Well, it's happened. The first episode of the final season of "Game of Thrones"- entitled "Winterfell"- has finally premiered. That's right, after eight years, 67 episodes and tons of deaths- it looks like winter is finally here. Now it may sound like I'm a super fan who dedicated my Sunday evening to the premiere, but I didn't. I watched recaps and I (poorly) filled out my  "GOT Death Draft" but I have yet to see an actual episode! But this is a big enough deal (it's the final six episodes!) that I'm seriously considering adding HBO to my Hulu subscription.

It's such a big deal that many want the chance to cameo on the show- and many have. Although many of the cameos are for some "unnamed extra" they totally happen! The guys from Mastadon appeared, as well as that one Ed Sheeran cameo that everyone was talking about.

If you saw the recent episode, then you may have noticed a familiar face, or maybe you didn't. Let me set the scene: Yara's rescue from Euron's ship by her brother Theon- suddenly someone is shot in the eye. Do you recognize the face? It's none other than Rob McElhenney AKA Mac from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." His cameo is only a few seconds long before he's killed off. Yeah, brace yourself for this next picture, it's graphic!

There seems to be a connection between "GOT" and "It's Always Sunny"- creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss wrote an episode of the FXX comedy titled "Flowers for Charlie" and have also appeared as bored lifeguards in another episode. McElhenney's appearance just adds to all the gruesome deaths that have already and will continue to happen in this final season of "Game of Thrones."

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