If you're a fan of American Horror Story, get ready to plan your you time to catch the new season! I am pretty stoked about the new season because I know this new one won't bore me like the last did.

FX Networks have been leaking small little trailers of the upcoming season 7 of American Horror Story. If you're anything like me that has a passion of hate for clowns, this season seems legit scary. The American Horror Story website said that we can expect more of the unexpected which has me worried. As it is since a child I have always had a fear of clowns and I assume you have a fear of them as well. In my opinion last season was actually quite a snoozer for me and was not a fan. This upcoming new season seems promising like the rest of the other seasons excluding season six.

Be sure to program your alarm on your television for Tuesday, September 5 next month!

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