It seems absurd to remember that American Horror Story Season 6 will premiere inside of two weeks, while the vast majority of fans know absolutely nothing about the setting or cast. One purported leak seems to be gaining traction, however, pointing toward The Mist as a possible theme and title. Let the wild speculation commence!

Take this with a grain of salt for the moment, but few batted an eye at Rotten Tomatoes recently listing Season 6 as American Horror Story: The Mist, something easily attributable to a random error. That said, Entertainment Weekly pointed out that an upcoming issue of TVGuide also refers to Season 6 as American Horror Story: The Mist, diminishing the likelihood of mere coincidence.

Mind you, at least one early promo bore a subtitle of “The Mist,” and there’s no overlooking the shared title with Stephen King’s 1980 novella. Perhaps even stranger of a coincidence, a purported callsheet for Season 6 revealed Frank Darabont The Mist star Jeffrey DeMunn among the cast, alongside franchise newbies Estella Warren and iZombie star Robert Buckley.

FX isn’t about to give up its mystery game two weeks early, and naturally declined comment, but might The Mist serve as our Season 6 theme after all? Is the Stephen King similarity too coincidental to ignore? Here, have some other promos, I don’t know.

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