el paso police

Drunk Soccer Fans in El Paso
What do a popcorn vendor, a drunk fan, his possibly buzzed family, the El Paso Police and the County Sheriff's Departments have in common? Nothing, until the drunk fan doused the popcorn vendor at Southwest University Park Wednesday night.
Then? A lot!
EP Most Wanted
The El Paso Police Department is looking for 5 individuals. They are wanted on various outstanding warrants. Check out the pictures and charges.
El Paso Police Brutality?
This was sent to us by a listener. According to what he told us, this happened on Thursday.  These guys had permission to do “graffiti art” on this wall. The police showed up and…this happened.
Rollover, Beirut Man; Tell Psycho-Boy ‘You Lose’
Here is the mugshot of Lebanese-born, former undercover FBI agent, terror-cell infiltrator and now El Paso talent scout, Elie Assaad, who allegedly tried to run down an El Paso policeman who was just trying to pull him over for a traffic violation.