The El Paso Police Department is looking for a man who they say saved several lives after the August 3rd shooting at Walmart. It's been less than two weeks since the shooting at an El Paso Walmart where 22 people lost their lives and forever changed our community. Stories of survival and the heroism of everyday people in our city are still coming out, and the El Paso Police Department is looking for an individual who they say saved lives.

According to a Facebook post, the police are hoping they can identify the man in the photo above and below. The police department is hoping to interview him about what he saw during the shooting. If you recognize him, please call the police department at (915) 212-4040.

NOTE: The police department does acknowledge the time stamp in the photo and says it shows the incorrect time. The important thing to them is that they identify the man and are able to speak with him about what happened inside the Walmart on that day.

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