Everyone has their own personal scary encounters that would only happen in El Paso. In fact, there is a particular spot in El Paso that is not exactly the best romantic spot during late afternoons. So if you want to keep light that romantic spark, avoid Scenic Drive at all costs.

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Although, getting spooked does reveal if someone is a hero or fend for themselves type of role real quick. By that I mean, the kind that pulls you in to cover you after hearing a loud bang. Then the others that duck and run without you.

Well, only in El Paso can you get spooked along the road that has the best scenic view. There is nothing scarier than driving along Scenic Drive and hearing gunshots going off. So if you enjoy cruising through Scenic Drive to get across town be advised, roll up your windows as you near the Police Academy.

Tuesday, August 30, a little after 3 pm you can hear shots being fired at the Police Academy. Now as you’re peacefully driving across the mountain with the windows down can give you quite the scare. Now if you turn the music up high then you may not hear the shots being fired at the Police Academy.

If you have the stereo on fairly low then you’re more than likely to get spooked. That is unless loud popping sounds don’t scare you very much. I don't know about anywhere else having a police academy literally in the mountains.

But something like this would make a perfect example of something that would happen only in El Paso. But only in El Paso a police academy would be stationed on the mountain. Chris Camp shared a video on YouTube of what they do exactly below.

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