It seems like every couple of months, El Pasoans are being asked to vote for The Best of the Best by one publication or another. But let's face it, they're so similar sometimes that you can get in a fight over which Best of the Best is the best.

It also feels like a lot of these polls are all the same. Okay, we get it -- this place has the best burgers in town. This place has the best pizza. This place has the best optometrists.


What about the categories that REALLY matter? No one is giving THOSE guys awards, and yet they deserve to be recognized for the services they provide to El Paso. (To be fair, we're not going to give you awards, either. Maybe a certificate. If Dubba G can figure out how to change the toner in his printer.)

So here, El Paso, are KLAQ's The Best of the Rest awards. Feel free to nominate those people and places who are the most deserving. Share it with your friends, and have them nominate people, too.

Here are the rules:

  • There are no rules. Why you gotta be so serious all the time?

Here's the timeline:

  • Nominations start now and end at 5 p.m., Friday, April 7, 2017.
  • We'll narrow down our categories to their finalists over the weekend.
  • On Monday, April 10, 2017, you can vote for El Paso's Best of the Rest. We don't care how many times you vote.
  • On Monday, April 17, we'll let you know who won each category.
  • Then that's it. Everyone goes on with their lives.

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