Both El Paso and our neighbor, Las Cruces, made a list of cities named as best for filmmakers to live and work in.

El Paso and Las Cruces have both seen some big and exciting changes when it comes to filmmaking, drawing more big time studio attention and offering more to aspiring, local filmmakers.

The wide variety of scenery, along with our mild, stable weather and local film studios and educational opportunities are a couple of things that helped land both cities on this "best of".

There has been a recent surge in film activity in and around El Paso and conditions for filmmakers to live and work here are perfect according to MovieMaker.

In the "Big Cities" category,  El Paso tied with Dallas at #25. San Antonio was #24 and Austin took 4th place. Las Cruces was on the best "small" cities list at #8. See the entire MovieMaker list here.

There are way too many factors that make the Borderland perfect for filmmakers to both live and work in to list here but, to me, there are two biggies on that list.

First, in addition to weather, scenic views, affordability, city and state governmental entities that are (fairly) easy to work with; we have 2 awesome film commissions: Film Las Cruces as well as the El Paso Film & Creative Industries Commission.

Second, El Paso, finally, has an honest to goodness studio which (A) makes proper film equipment available to filmmakers, (amateurs and pros alike) and (B) offers educational opportunities.

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Star Central Studios Learning Center is a non-profit organization designed to support local filmmakers and slow filmmaking "brain-drain" by allowing up and comers to stay here as opposed to moving to Hollywood or elsewhere.

"For decades, the film community in El Paso has been underserved," said Gilbert Jorgenson co-owner of Star Central Studios in central El Paso which offers equipment rentals and other production services.

"There's been a recent Renaissance for our local film industry, and the Borderland now has the resources and facilities to produce high-quality content on par with major cities across the world," Jorgenson added. - kfox

Damn straight.

Look out world, the city of the crosses and El Chuco are coming.

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