If those were your only two choices would you go with “bad sex” or “no sex at all”? And, as reported by the New York Post the majority of respondents said, “Bad sex is still better than no sex at all”.

58% of people surveyed said they would choose bad sex over no sex. But, still, a full 42% of people took the “no sex is better than bad sex” option. The survey did not breakdown the responses by gender but Lisa brought up the possibility that the “bad sex” people were probably mostly men and the “no sex” people were probably women.

Also, the survey found that 24% of respondents would “rather stand in line at the DMV” than have bad sex. And, ¾ of those surveyed said they HAVE had bad sex before.

As one of our chatters on our Facebook live stream pointed out: “It’s like drinking water out of a rusty garden hose: it’s bad but if you’re thirsty enough it tastes great!”

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