El Paso is not exactly known for having the best drivers, FitFam is evidence of that. Maybe it's always been that way, or maybe it's only recently that you're seeing bad drivers?

Most recently, Nico asked the question “are El Paso driver’s just terrible drivers?” right after the El Paso Police Department reported the seventh fatal car accident in town.

It can get pretty gruesome on the roads of El Paso- and it can also get pretty frustrating, you will find yourself yelling “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” to the drivers around you.

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Sometimes, what happens on the roads of El Paso is so unbelievable that you wish you had a camera filming it! Well, good news, one person has done just that.

Over on Reddit, user @Equatis has shared a super cut of just how insane the roads can get when you’re out and about in El Paso, and well, I wish I could say it was kind of fake, but in this case- it’s all true. Check out the video below.

That was pretty difficult to watch- but the soundtrack was pretty cool. Those in the comments section were quick to reply saying they have either experienced the same thing, or have experienced worst!

El Paso has quite a lot of people, and sure there are bad drivers all over the world, but when we see it in plain sight like this dashcam footage, you can see how many accidents could be prevented if more people had more concern or respect for others lives. Let’s do better, EP!

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