It never fails for some El Paso drivers who have noticed a reoccurrence of close calls around town. I believe some El Paso, New Mexico, and Juarez drivers would agree about a place I feel a crash is likely to happen.

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Now I am sure some of you will be quick to reply about a specific area in El Paso you feel is accident-prone. If someone needs to go first I will be more than happy to start with my two cents.

Others who also use the I-10 West to US 54 route would agree with how I feel about it. I feel drivers are more likely to crash either just after Geronimo or just before the Raynolds exit.

If you have passed by there often and at the worst times then you know exactly what I am talking about. Sometimes the traffic going to Juarez conflicts with the traffic heading Northeast.

That part of the freeway is scary to be at a stand-still while others are just flying right past you. I personally feel drivers are more likely to crash there but that is just my opinion.

I always avoid taking I-10 West after Geronimo after 4 pm on weekends due to heavy traffic with people crossing the border. That will cause the far right lane to pile up with a line of cars waiting to cross over into Juarez.

But I sure would like to know your personal opinion on where else you feel is accident-prone. There is no doubt that El Paso has and can come up with the top 10 places you're likely to crash.

Feel free to share another spot in El Paso you believe drivers are ore than likely to crash. Because let's face it, there are plenty of spots like that in the borderland.

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