We have some crazy drivers in El Paso and many El Pasoans are "crazy" about video games so, let's combine the two.

Let's double up on the crazy and see if we can create our very own video game. I've always seen driving in El Paso as being akin to playing a video game. The similarities are many.

You have things to avoid, things that can help, various hacks, (shortcuts, side roads, alleys, parking lot cuts, etc), as well as things that seem to have no purpose at all other than screwing up your commute.

Something along the lines of Grand Theft Auto except in addition to the obstacles already in those games, let's throw in a few from El Chuco.

My game will closely resemble real life as players try to get from Las Cruces to the Joe Battle/I-10 interchange via different routes. Skill levels if you will.

Along the way, things will happen. Get in 3 wrecks, game over. Get a ticket, you go back to the beginning.

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Points you earn go towards fixing up your ride but, be warned, the nicer your vehicle gets, the more attempts the game will make to wreck it.

Hinderances and bad guys

  • Drivers From Mexico - They learned a whole different playbook and, even if it's a practice or law both countries share; they tend to do whatever they feel like doing.
  • Lane Cutters - They see a sign indicating a lane is closed, drive right to the closure, then cut into line.
  • Yellow Lighters - Sure, you should ease up and/or stop but these you-know-what'ers slam on their brakes the second it changes.
  • El Paso Construction - TXDoT is everywhere and they're mobile. What was fine today, may not be tomorrow. Even minutes can mean a crucial change in your situation.
  • Monster Trucks - Giant "dualies" are a pain. You can't see around them and they love traveling with the left rear wheels and fender flares in the next lane. Not to mention the thick, toxic exhaust they belch to reduce your visibility.
Photo, Amazon
Photo, Amazon

Helpful characters

  • This one's tough, let me get back to you...

Maybe helpful, maybe not ...


  • PRO: Driving near a cop almost 100% ensures everyone will behave.
  • CON: Since no one will pass them, you could wind up doing 35 on the freeway.

UPS/FedEx Trucks

  • PRO: Drivers are trained, don't want to get in trouble for damages and are ALWAYS in a hurry so they can be good to follow. It's kinda like having a time saving "blocker".
  • CON: They're big which can block your view of what else is happening around you, they make frequent, (and sudden), stops and drivers leap out of their trucks unexpectedly.

TXDoT warning signs

  • PRO: They alert you to problems, closures, etc ahead.
  • CON: They are 50/50 on accuracy and timeliness. Not to mention trying to read them while avoiding all these other issues can become an issue itself.

Out Of Staters

Thanks, mostly, to the military, we have drivers here from all 50 states and the rules they learned may differ a bit from Texas' rules.

  • PRO: They know they're in unfamiliar territory and tend to be extra cautious and polite.
  • CON: They may be lost, confused, rushed or road raging because they think WE'RE the ones driving badly. Or because they just ran across one of the other characters.
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Hacks. (I call 'em hacks instead of "Easter Eggs" because eggs are expensive.)

  • Parking Lot Cutting. An El Paso staple, instead of waiting for a light or some nimrod that doesn't know he can turn right on red, you cut across a parking lot. Legal, not really - time saving, hell yeah.
  • Alleys. Perfect for getting off a backed up roadway and keeping things moving. Central EP in particular is loaded with them.

Those are just a few ideas, my game is still in development.

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