Nothing ruins your day more than driving around while you're doing your errands, and then all of a sudden...

Daniel Paulus
Daniel Paulus

That little notification goes off saying there's something wrong with your tires. You pull over & you now... you have to bring out the spare tire & replace the old one that is now ruined.

changing a flat tire in the winter snow with backup

Living in El Paso, that is something that's sadly NOT a new thing; and I'm sure you've experienced that many times. The question is not "will this happen?" but rather..."WHERE will this happen to me?". It's been covered in the news before & it'll most likely stay that way...

That's what I wanted to know. So after talking with a couple of people who spend so much time driving around El Paso; I've got a good idea on which roads in El Paso will most like just ruin your tires.

One of the biggest culprits is Mesa Street. The street that all of us at Townsquare have to drive on to get to work. Buzz even did a video showing just how "up-to-date" Mesa can be.

Another big culprit is Montana Ave. Just like with Mesa, Montana is a BIG street; reaching from the West side to the far east side. It's a common sighting for road construction.

I feel like these are obvious choices. So here are some other names that were throw into the mix:

One more we can't forget... I-10. The worse is after it rains...

There's a good chance I missed a couple of streets that can ruin your day. I'm sure there's many more out there that we can add to this list...

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