The El Paso Police department is reporting the 7th fatal car accident of the year, MORE than last year this time.

Photo by Karl Solano on Unsplash
Photo by Karl Solano on Unsplash
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Seven fatal car accidents in about one month and some change is a lot. And the fact that it's more than at the same time last year, really begs a few questions that seriously need to be answered. Don't forget to let us know your answers or thoughts in the POLL at the end.

Why are there so many fatal car accidents? Are El Pasoans just bad drivers? Are we just unlucky drivers? Is it just a subsection of street racers who like watching too many "The Fast And The Furious" movies?

In all seriousness, it's important to remind everyone that El Paso is one of the safest cities in the country. But, that only applies to violent crimes, and when it comes to things like fatal car accidents, El Paso isn't doing so hot.

El Paso Just Has Bad Drivers

People who grow up in this town have probably heard the stereotype that El Pasoans are terrible when it comes to driving.

Not sure of where that stereotype comes from we're looking for answers and asking the question is El Parsons just terrible drivers or is there another reason why there are so many car accidents? Let us know your answers in the POLL below.



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