People in El Paso know exactly how crazy El Paso weather can be over time. The crazy thing is that when there is bad weather sometimes it is hard to keep some El Pasoans inside.

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Hell, Covid-19 couldn't even stop some El Pasoans from avoiding social outings. But you or someone you know will still go out in nasty weather instead of just staying in.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

As for me, when it comes to crazy weather in El Paso I prefer to avoid the roads at all costs. But there are some times when you have to be driving in it which blows.

Whether it is rain, wind, or a snowstorm in El Paso I avoid driving if I don't have to be in it. We know how some people in El Paso tend to be ruthless on the roads sometimes.

This kind of topic has me wondering which type of weather condition do you not mind driving in. I am sure people from Utah stationed at Fort Bliss must think El Paso snow is a piece of cake.

Or how someone from Seattle would have no problem driving while it is pouring in El Paso. But some people born and raised in El Paso do not handle any type of storm effectively.

Now maybe if certain roads in El Paso didn't flood, maybe driving in pouring rain wouldn't be so bad. I want to know what type of storm you don't mind being out and about in.

So if you wouldn't mind sharing your two cents with me by placing your comment on the KLAQ Facebook page.

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