Howdy!!  Motorcycle Monday time again ... and 2 big upsets this week to keep it interesting!!

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This week, James Stewart goes down ... again. Big surprise there, but this time he is OUT! And hurt! He starts out great, as usual, and even has the fastest lap time. Under 45 seconds; but speeed can't help you if the bikes laying sideways...

Ok, let's be fair. He wasn't the only wipeout of the day in Jacksonville; but he was one of two potential game changers. Ryan Villopoto biffed it also! In a succesion of crashes, he winds up out for the day. Going down in the first lap, he gets going again ... in last place ... then falls again in the straightaway. He's tough though; he's up again, but he goes over a hay bale and he's down again. The odds of him making the main event at this point are incredibly bad and try as he might, he just can't do it. The Supercross series points leader does NOT make it to the main event. Wow.

Main event. And upset number two is coming on fast... James Alessi gets the hole shot and James Stewart is right on his ass. For a minute anyway. (Well, a few sconds I should say.)  Around 100 or so feet in and the Bubba has landed. His chance to get back up there with Villopoto is gone and he's riding off the track. On a stretcher!!

It's now Canard, Reed and Dungey after that checkered flag. Canard even shows off a little; until Reed comes up on him and they run it right down to the end. Bar to bar, neck and neck ... Trey Canard takes the main!! Reed still right on him for second and my man Dungey gets to tres.

Man .. it's a new day now. A banged up and bruised Stewart, is pretty much fine. Taking this week off, we should see him back .. and mad .. next week.

Not to "make light" of the lites class but; after all that ... who cares??

Results and points:

For the lites; Barcia runs a good race for the win, Dean Wilson in second and Ryan Sipes takes 3rd.

Supercross, Canard, Reed and Dungey on the podium. Points-wise; Villopoto still holds the lead at 221 but Reed is closer now at 214 and Dungey holds a solid 3rd with 203. Stewart has fallen to fourth.

Big props to the Red Bull Teka KTM team factory riders for kicking ass all over the place recently. Nationally and Internationally ... read more here

Locally: Good run with The Valley Boys yesterday and another run coming this weekend. Listen to The Q later in the week for details!! Also, the xmotoball track is up and running on the east side.

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There it went ... the fastest couple of minutes in radio ... Motorcycle Monday!! Brought to you by "Dubba G", Santa Teresa Motorsports and KLAQ!!