The weekend re-cap thanks to Santa Teresa Motorsports!!

Located on Livingston in The Upper Valley; Santa Teresa Motorsports has you covered on the street, in the dirt ... apparel - wise, accesories, repair, maintanence .. EVERYTHING!  Victory test rides still available also!

Kinda quiet in the motocross world this weekend, but it's going to start getting real loud ... and crazy ... starting Thursday!!  From skateboards to cars (yes, cars!!) to bicycles and dirt bikes.  Insanity is in the air ... literally ... during The X Games.  I can't wait!!

For those you unfamiliar with the free style stunt bike stuff at X Games, check this out.  (You can almost feel Pastranas leg shatter at about :46!)

For the X game schedule of events, click here!

Locally, Santa Teresa Motorsports was the end point for yesterdays Organized Chaos run!


Live rock from Suicide Romance, lots of bikes, Brandy Valdez' insane trick riding and a bikini bike wash!!  (Nice touch!!)  I'm told over a grand was raised for the children and I know everyone had a blast!  Thanks to OC for another great run .... next weekend, more fun. Faster!!

There it went; the fastest couple of minutes in radio, Motorcycle Monday!  Brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports, 910 Livingston just off Country Club by the river!


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