Time again for Motorcycle Monday on KLAQ! Brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports in the Upper Valley! Right by the Rio … awesome deals on bikes (street and/or dirt!!) parts, accessories, clothing and service!!

Set up your Victory test ride yet?? You can do that right here … click this link!!

This weekend, my man Dungey tore it up at High Point Raceway! Stewart raced as well but due to a banged up wrist, didn't complete the day. In the Lites, Tomac took the race but Baggett is still out front in points!!

Highlight video below ... For points and standings; click here!!

Locally, everyone was out yesterday for the first annual benfit run put on by American Steel MC!! Great weather, great crowd and LOADS of fun!! Big thanks to Sharky and all the American Steel MC for a great event!!

Also locally, one of my Bros went down this weekend in East El Paso. Rear ended … well, RUN DOWN basically ... by a young lady who was NOT paying attention!! Texting, fiddling with the radio, putting on makeup whatever she was doing; she came this close to killing someone.

Whatever you may find yourself doing while you’re driving, (other than driving), STOP IT!!

Watch the road and pay attention!

1) you may be about to hit someone.  

2) you may not be able to avoid getting hit if you aren’t focused!

Thankfully my Bros ok, but it could have been much, much worse. Ride safe guys and drivers, drive safe and be attentive!



There it went, the fastest couple of minutes in radio! Motorcycle Monday brought to us every Monday by Santa Teresa Motorsports!  Stop by and see them in the Upper Valley or visit them on line at motorsportsofnewmexico.com!!

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