Here we go again!  Motorcycle Monday brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports!

Located in the Upper Valley at 910 Livingston; just take Country Club down to the river and you'll see them on your left!  Parts, accesories, clothing and .. of course .. motorcycles!  Check out ... and ride ... the Victory models they have there!

This past weekend was a busy one here in El Paso!  The first annual Sun City Showdown was held on the east side and went great!  Lots of cars, 4x4s and bikes were in the competition and everyone had a blast.  The bands rocked as well at the first of what I hope will be many annual show downs!

Also Saturday, The Traviezos MC were rolling to raise money for the Lee and Beulah Moor Childrens Home.  Then Sunday, it was he Callejeros MCs turn!  They were out for an El Paso woman battling a severe illness and ... again ... another awesome party!!

X-Moto Ball was at it this weekend also. I didn't find out about that one in time to attend, but there's another race coming in September!  I'll let you know about that one for sure!  If anyone got any good pictures from this weekends racing, send 'em to me! I'll post the best ones here later this week! 

Congrats to everyone on the events and thanks also to all the bands that rocked the parties.  Strings Of Atlas, Government Cheese, Raw Deal, F-Bomb, Hot Rod Boogie and more! 

Remember; there's a run pretty much every week and they're not limited to bikers and bike clubs!  All are welcome so come on out!  Bring the family, check out the scooters, help the causes and have some FUN!!  Local bands, these things are also great ways to get yourselves out there in front of people!

Also, keep in mind that Motorcycle Madness is up and running at the El Paso Museum Of History!  Check out some classic bikes and learn more about the history of the motorcycle!

(Visit their facebook page.)

Keep it on The Q and keep checking in at to find out what's up!

There it went; the fastest couple of minutes in radio!  Motorcycle Monday brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports!

Oh ....... one last thing.

Miss Supercross is back with episode 3 of SX Ed!   Here's Dianna trying to find Blake Baggets' good side.  Ignore him, enjoy her and have a great week!

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