The basketball team that is.......

You have to admit, the Miami Heat handed a first class, full on beat down to Boston last night.  Good game! I'm sure game 7 is going to be even more heated (See what I did right there?) as these two fight to stay alive.

I'm not really a basketball guy myself. (Football and motocross are the only two real sports!!) My girl however, is an absolute Heat maniac!!  So much so that, it's apparently been determined I should become one also. 

Hence the pic.

(By the way, as far as I'm concerned the shirts not an official team endorsement.  It's the El Paso weather forecast from now through late October!)

Anyway, this whole "I like 'em so you like 'em" thing works both ways ya' know!  Wait til my pic of her goes up this fall. 

In her Patriots jammie bottoms and hat.

Sipping out of her Patriots beer mug! 

Sporting a Ryan Dungey jersey!!!!


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