The 2016 Supercross season kicked off in Anaheim and Weston Peick and Vince Friese totally went at each other after going bar to bar during the race.

Football and Supercross have one thing in common, the stupidity of the fights. Honestly, what's the point of punching a man who's wearing a helmet? Particularly a helmet designed to protect your noggin in collisions WAY more violent than the best punch.

I get the super competitive, alpha male thing but, these guys really need to either take off their helmets or start using rock-paper-scissors to settle things. Punching a Shoei is just going to hurt your hand, make me giggle Peick's case...get you fined 5 grand and suspended for a race.

The closest Supercross ever comes to El Paso is Arizona and that race is February 6th at the University of Phoenix.

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