Supercross went to Montreal this weekend, crunching through the ice and snow!!

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Supercross in Montreal ... Montreal? They have dirt there?? I thought it was all snow and ice. Anyway, interesting weekend!  In timed practice laps, Stewart once again sets the gold standard .. under 52 seconds!! Uneventful qualifiers and practice laps though Ryan Sipes went down at one point. He's cool though and ready to race.

The usual front runners banging bars ... Stewart, Reed, Dungey, Canard, Windham ....... Stewart way ready to get back to business! The last couple of weeks haven't been nice to Bubba and he's got some ground to make up! He wins qualifier #2 with a 20 second lead. At this weeks times, that's almost a full lap!

Main event, Dungey doesn't get the hole shot, but has the lead within a few seconds. Horrible starts for Stewart and Villopoto ... they are wayyyy back, in 13th and 10th respectively. As if that wasn't bad enough, battling for 9th, they slam into each other and they're both down. James, again, settle ....... you have no room for error anymore!

End game.  Stewart makes it back to 4th. Dungey may be headed for his first win here ... but Reed and Canard want it to and they're not making it easy on him. Villopoto damn sure isn't threatening him ... not all the way back in 14th. He's being lapped at this point and either he or his machine was damaged in the last fall cuz he's sucking right now. In the end, Dungey does it!! His 1st win of the season!!!!!!! Reed takes second and gives Dungey big props! Canard 3rd and Stewart takes 4th but he's quite a way back from Canard.

Points wise, theres a new sheriff in town!! Reed is out front with 236, Villopoto loses his ass this week, but maintains 2nd place at 233. Dungey 3rd with 228 and Stewart in 4th with 216. Bubba, you better get it together man ... you're running out of races! To my man Dungey, CONGRATS!!!!!!!

Chad Reed says: You've got to carry on. Ryan (Dungey) rode an amazing race, I gave it everything I had just to stick with him. The team (TwoTwo Motorsports) is awesome. We are sitting pretty good in the championship - I want to win this thing so bad.

Ryan Dungey says: It's been a tough one (the season so far). I got off to a great start tonight. It feels awesome. The track was tough - glad we could pull it off. I want to thank the Man above, and my parents. There was a really close call over the triples - I'm glad things worked out for me.


1. Ryan Dungey SUZ

2. Chad Reed HON

3. Trey Canard HON

4. James Stewart YAM

5. Justin Brayton YAM

6. Nick Wey YAM

7. Andrew Short KTM

8. Kevin Windham HON

9. Ryan Villopoto KAW

10. Cole Seely HON

11. Davi Millsaps YAM

12. Weston Peick YAM

13. Fabien Izoird KAW

14. Michael Byrne SUZ

15. Tye Simmonds KTM

16. Matt Boni KAW

17. C Blose KAW

18. I Tedesco KAW

19. Austin Stroupe YAM

20. Mike Alessi KTM

Supercross Points

Chad Reed 236

Ryan Villopoto 233

Ryan Dungey 228

James Stewart 216

Trey Canard 214

Andrew Short 159

Justin Brayton 137

Kevin Windham 134

Davi Millsaps 128

Nick Wey 109

Ivan Tedesco 108

Brett Metcalfe 107

Mike Alessi 83

Chris Blose 68

Kyle Regal 60

Matt Boni 48

Kyle Chisholm 46

Fabien Iziord 44

Michael Byrne 36

Weston Peick 34

250 Lites East Results

1. Dean Wilson KAW

2. Justin Barcia HON

3. Blake Wharton HON

4. PJ Larsen KTM

5. Ryan Sipes YAM

6. Blake Baggett KAW

7. G Audette YAM

8. H Hewitt SUZ

9. Darryn Durham HON

10. Matt Lemoine KAW

11. Justin Sipes KAW

12. L Smith HON

13. A Catanzaro HON

14. Alex Martin HON

15. L Vincent HON

16. R Renner KTM

17. T Futrell HON

18. B Ripple HON

19. Malcolm Stewart SUZ

20. J Anderson SUZ

250 Lites East Points

Justin Barcia 138

Dean Wilson 122

Ryan Sipes 115

Blake Baggett 100

Blake Wharton 89

PJ Larsen 80

Matt Lemoine 80

Malcolm Stewart 55

Lance Vincent 49

Alex Martin 47

Les Smith 45

Jason Anderson 44

Hunter Hewitt 43

Taylor Futrell 38

Gannon Audette 34

Justin Sipes 29

Darryn Durham 28

A Catanzaro 28

Brad Ripple 24

L Kilbarger 21

Locally, the Rats run went well Sunday, props to them for throwing a great party.  Next week, The Chamucos MC are up. Stay tuned to KLAQ for details!!

I hadn't heard from anyone about this weekends run at xmotoball ... hopefully tomorrow I can tell you more about how their weekend went!!

There it went ... the fastest couple of minutes in radio, Motorcycle Monday!

Thanks again to Santa Teresa Motorsports ... remember, open house over there this weekend and I'll be there Saturday from noon til 2 with FREE Q GOODIES!!