Motorcycle Monday, brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports!!

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Photo, my space

This weekend, The Road Queens MC were out for The Miracle League of El Paso and trying to set a record for largest bike run!  I'm not sure how it turned out record - wise but everyone seemed to be having a good time when I got to the last stop Saturday afternoon.  Mulligans North was jumping and the auction brought in even more money for The Miracle League of El Paso!  Congrats Road Queens and thank you for arranging such a cool event! 

I'll let you guys know where we stand on the record issue as soon as I get the news!   

Short and sweet this week Brothers and Sisters!  One last thing though, while I was at The Road Queens deal Saturday, I was talking with someone about stunt riding.  He said the only reason he would never own a Harley was because you can't do wheelies on them or stunt ride. 


As I said Saturday senor; it's not WHAT you ride ... it's how good you are at it! 

First, a view from the riders pespective ... after the 1st wheelie in this one, skip ahead to 2:22 for the 2nd!!

Wheelies boring?  Watch this guy ... on STOCK bikes mind you!

Have a great week everyone, Ride Safe!

Photo, Santa Teresa Motorsports