There are lots of guys out there that don't really understand Motocross.  I have a feeling you'll all be quite educated by the time this "semester" wraps up!

Thanks to Santa Teresa Motorsports, (910 Livingston in the Upper Valley! Like their facebook page)  Miss Supercross is going to tell you everything you need to know! Whether you retain any of it remains to be seen.  (I already know this stuff so I'm just going to stare at the teacher.  In fact, you probably should to ... you can always buy a book about moto-whatsit!!)

Yes my brothers, I will gladly share the rest of the course with you right here at!

(Oh yeah, something happened in Washougal this weekend. I think Dungey won it. Read more at Here's more Dianna for you!

Wow ... all that and loves bikes to?!  LOVE IT! Locally, out and about with the Black Widows MC this weekend. 

Their 3rd annual "Cruise For the Cure" was a blast; big thanks to them for throwing a helluva party!  The food was great, the band kicked ass and all for a great cause!!  Thanks to everyone who showed up to help out also; club members and independent riders alike! 

One last thing, I owe a couple of personal thank yous' this week!  

I broke down yesterday. (All of you who know me, shut up.  It was the electrical system this time.)  I called one of my Bros to come help (which he did, thanks Nick!!) but before he could get there, Jim with the CMA chanced across me. He stopped to help and then trailered me on home.  Thanks Bro, you're the man!


Another guy named Luis stopped to help also. We put the bike in his truck to get it to Jims house.

After we stopped to buy tie downs that is.  Until we could tie it down, I had to "ride" it in the back of the truck.  That was fun .... :/

I'm sure we amused a few of the people we passed doing it though!

Luis didn't know any of us, and didn't ask anything in return.  He just stopped to help out of the goodness of his heart.  Thanks man!  (He's also a landscaper/roofer so if you need anything done, shoot me an email and I'll give you his number!!  ggarza@klaq,.com

THAT is what I love about the El Paso motorcycle community.  They are ALWAYS ready to get out their wallets, show support or stop and help a person out.  Bikers ROCK!!

There it went, Motorcycle Monday brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports in the Upper Valley!  Ride Safe!

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