Whenever election time rolls around, it's pretty clear that Texas is a red state; meaning the state tends to vote for the Republican party. Since Texas became part of the United States, that's usually how it's gone in recent elections. But it wasn't always the case. Way before, Texas... was a blue state.


How many Democratic presidents has Texas voted for?

Now of course if you go to any city in Texas, you'll find plenty of voters on each side. Both Republican & Democratic. According to Statista, when you take the electoral college into consideration, almost every US president since Ronald Reagan in 1980, Texas has favored the Republican choice.

But when you look at the start of when Texas became a state, it's almost all blue. From 1848 to 1924, every Democratic candidate was favored (with the exception of 1864 to 1868 when we seceded from the union).

The first time Texas voted Republican was in 1928, when the popular vote was given to Herbert Hoover. Between 1928 to 1976, Texas would swap between voting Republican & Democrat. The last Democratic choice that Texas favored was Jimmy Carter in 1976.

In total, Texas voted for 27 Democratic nominees & 15 Republican nominees (11 of them would end up becoming president) However, 14 Democratic presidents were favored by Texas, including names like John F. Kennedy, Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, Harry S. Truman, & Franklin D Roosevelt. One of which was from Texas; Lyndon B Johnson was born, raised & died in Stonewall, Texas.

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It's unlikely that Texas would vote for another Democratic nominee as the popular vote. But as we've seen, Texas HAS done it in the past so only time will tell.

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