The second day of Balloonfest is in the books, and I have to say I feel great about day two! I wrote here a couple weeks ago that I thought Sunday was going to be an amazing day that people will find themselves talking about for a long time.

It totally was.

The whole vibe of the day was fun, everyone there really got into the whole atmosphere, and the acoustic music was such a cool thing that everyone liked. Even though Aranda arrived late because of all the airline problems this weekend, the brothers Aranda tore through some great acoustic versions of songs like "One More Lie", "Satisfied", "Still in the Dark", and an amazing Michael Jackson medley that had everyone singing along!

Then, without any intro tape or fanfare, Sully Erna simply walked on stage, sat down and said, "Okay, how about I play a couple Godsmack songs for you before we get into this thing." he jammed some songs, and then moved to the piano, where he played the song "Broken Road" from his Avalon album, and the rest of the band joined him.

Sully and his band played some amazing music, from his solo album and Godsmack, as well as some fantastic covers, like Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain", and Led Zeppelin's "Rock n Roll"! Even their tour manager was saying he hasn't seen them rip out that Zeppelin song before, but they were enjoying the vibe of the day so much, Sully jumped on the drums and they kicked that song's ass!

If you missed it, I think you missed one of the best Ballonfest days we have ever had. The videos don't really capture how cool it was, but it's fun to see.