At first glance, an acoustic day at Balloonfest 2013 seems kind of weird. But the more you think about it, the better the idea gets! It's something we haven't done since Zakk Wylde came down and performed songs from his then new album Book of Shadows. (Anyone else remember that?) That was a really cool show, and something people really didn't expect from Zakk at the time...heck, it's still odd to think of Zakk on an acoustic guitar, even though he's just done an acoustic tour.

If you haven't heard the Avalon album from Sully, give it a listen. It's moody, dark, and atmospheric. There are some Opeth-Heritage-like keyboard flourishes in places, some cool instrumentation, and of course, Sully's stella songwriting. Check out the cool guitar breakdown just before the cello solo in "7 Years", and the whole vibe of the song, and I think you'll get as excited for this Balloonfest as I am.

Then, add on top of this, you have the brothers Aranda, who always put on a hell of a show, and their songs translate really well into the acoustic style. They're also fantastic singers, and harmonize a lot, which I really dig.

Throw in a bunch of acoustic local performances, and I think this will really be one of those Balloonfest days that sneaks up on people and makes a lasting impression. People will be remembering how cool this day was for a long time, so don't miss it...get your BF tickets and come see this show!