Sully Erna
Despite a delayed layover, Aranda made it just in time to perform a few songs and the most badass medley of Michael Jackson ever performed. After that, Sully Erna took the stage with an epic acoustic performance on guitar and piano. Check out the photos below of their performances and meet-and-greet…
Gabe Aranda Talks Balloonfest, Tornado Damage [AUDIO]
We've gotten to know Gabe and Dameon Aranda pretty well over the past few years. They've played at several of our events and, if you've ever seen them perform, you know they are a super, super talented band.
They're also good people. We'd been scheduled to talk to Gabe since Saturday about their upco…
KLAQ’s Top 5 @ 5 – April 5th, 2013
It's your top 5 @ 5 on KLAQ. Your top 5 most requested and downloaded songs of the week presented to you every Friday @ 5pm. The top 5 @ 5 is brought to you by Budweiser. Be part of the top 5 @ 5 by calling 880-4955.

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