Do you remember a few months ago when I wrote about the signs that proved I'm turning into my abuelita? Well you can read it here, to refresh your memory.

Well, one of the signs that prove I'm turning into my abuelita was that I was seriously now getting into novelas. I used to think novelas were super cheesy and so unrealistic. I still think that, but now I find myself actually getting invested in the story!

The one I'm currently into is called "Soltero Con Hijas" and it stars Gabriel Soto and Vanessa Guzman. Vanessa Guzman, I learned, is actually a Juarez native. According to her Wiki:

In 1995, Guzman competed for the title of Nuestra Belleza Chihuahua (Miss Chihuahua), which she ended up winning. After winning, she competed in Mexico's national beauty pageant- Nuestra Belleza México; she was crowned Miss Mexico and went on to represent her country in Miss Universe 1996. She made the top six in the pageant and placed 5th overall. Just a short time after having returned from competing for the title, she received several offers to star in a number of television programs.

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Guzman, apart from her beauty pageant background, is a huge fitness enthusiast!

She's even into fitness competitions!

Check out her out in this video!

Now, she's taken that love for fitness and is sharing her knowledge with everyone in the Sun City because she has just opened up a new gym on the west side!

Body Fitness Gym is now open at 1060 Doniphan Circle Park and Guzman is excited to share it with everyone!

It seems like Guzman is the whole package! beauty, brawn and brains! Also, a really good actress because "Soltero Con Hijas" is starting to get good!

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