Roaming around El Paso, Texas can sometimes surprise you with the things you see around town. Today I learned something new that my co-worker Joe Pete (who is on KLAQ HD) introduced me to. I had never ever heard of a Zapcar for most of my life up until now. Thanks to Joe Pete I now know what a Zapcar is and what it looks like. If you're wondering about the car being for sale, it's not. My co-worker had mentioned this three-wheeled green car was at a car shop. I consider myself lucky when I stumble upon some nifty finds around El Paso. I consider my co-worker lucky because I have never ever seen a three-wheeled car that wasn't from a movie.

Well, you too, like my co-worker, have probably also stumbled upon this green Zapcar in El Paso. And if you haven't, today is the day you now know this high tech-looking car exists in El Paso. Besides this electric Zapcar, there are other stunning finds for you to see around El Paso. If you have ever done Geocaching in El Paso you know to expect surprises. I was stunned to see what kind of oddities locals left behind for someone else to find. I've checked off quite a few Geocache spots in El Paso over time. If you plan on participating please be aware of two things. One, if you plan on taking a memento don't forget to leave something of yours in place of what you take. Two, don't forget to sign the paper log that is stuffed in the container with the other unusual findings. But if you plan on participating be sure to carry plenty of hand sanitizer.

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