Earlier today I decided to try out what used to be a trend a few years ago here in El Paso. That trend is called Geocaching. It was a hell of an adventure and suggest you go with a friend. There were five locations me and my charming partner in crime stopped at. We managed to find only 3 treasures at the locations we visited. The area we mainly focused on was the Eastside near Airway. The places we found the treasure were on Gateway East near Airway, apartment complex off of Alabama, and Fountains at Farah. The two locations we couldn't locate the treasure was near CiCi's off Viscount and the pump station off Grant and Piedras. Now one location didn't have anything inside the black container so I left something of mine. I am going to create my own Geocache treasure that you can find and plan on hiding something new every week. Hopefully, more adventure seekers like yourself will add on to my treasure for others to see. Geocaching is a fun activity for the whole family or group of friends!

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