If you enjoy a good adventure that requires being outdoors then you should download the Geocache app! This application has been around for many years now and continues to still be played.

Borderzine Reporting Across Fronteras gives you an idea of how it works exactly. I had heard about it a couple years ago and noticed a lot of hidden treasures around El Paso. After my friend told me about this she opened the app on her phone and sure enough she located a hidden treasure where we both used to work. After finding it behind a pole near a dumpster it was a small circular container with a bunch of little knick-knacks. You can download the application on to your cell phone if you want to participate with other geocaching participants. After downloading the application you will see all the different El Paso areas that have a hidden treasure.

Take the poll below if you have ever tried Geocaching and if not maybe you should check it out.


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