It seems like our community has grasped the idea of always wearing a mask now. But one thing some people are having a difficult time doing is social distancing. Now one particular store I have seen social distancing being enforced was at Walmart. One time I was waiting at the cashier line and a customer came right behind me instead of standing on the marking. Then an employee shouts out telling the customer to please scoot back where the sticker on the floor was. After telling the customer to move she then began to tell my cashier he needs to also keep an eye on that. I was happy to see that Walmart employees are taking care of their customer's safety. But despite the markings on the floor of stores, some people still don't pay attention. Well, I had gone to Victoria's Secret at the mall and encountered all sorts of people not keeping their distance in line.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

For example, the pictures I took show certain customers not practicing social distancing. In fact, they're not even following the guidelines while waiting in line to pay. The store has pink circles marking where each customer in line should stand. But some of those customers were not following the rules and the staff didn't correct it. Victoria's Secret has enough staff to have an employee making sure customers keep their social distance from each other. Do you think stores should monitor the cashier lines so that social distancing is enforced? Leave your opinion in the poll below.

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