Walmart has made quite a few arrangements to protect the safety of every single customer that shops. They're now requiring everyone to wear a mask inside the store while they shop around. Not only that, but they're also making sure everyone keeps their social distance from each other. They marked blue squares on the floor where each customer in line should stand at the registers. The staff even went as far as marking the aisles where you can enter and exit. But not a lot of people abide by the direction of the arrows on the floor. Hell, sometimes I am even guilty of entering the wrong way in an aisle. We're not used to shopping for necessities in an orderly fashion. I am used to just walking straight into the aisle that I need to grab a few things from. But now that Walmart altered their store for safety measures we can't just walk into any aisle from anywhere. WKRG shows the different adjustments Walmart made to protect the safety of everyone above.

I remember the day I had first stepped into Walmart after their changes. I was in a rush that day and didn't notice the 'one-way' signs on the ground. Then I turned into an aisle and got the scariest RBF from another customer. As I was getting some items a couple that was about to enter where I did I overheard her the woman telling her husband he was going the wrong way. It wasn't until then I discovered why a customer gave me RBF. But I wasn't the only one ignoring the direction of what aisle you can only enter and exit. Now when I run to Walmart for a few things I try and remember to follow the green and red color-coded squares. When you're shopping at Walmart do you follow the direction of the color-coded squares while shopping or ignore? Leave your answer in the poll box below.

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