Recently the Hollywood actor has been going viral for his outburst with his film crew for Mission Impossible 7.

There is a perfect explanation for Tom Cruise throwing his temper tantrum. Apparently, some members of his film crew for Mission Impossible 7 didn't follow Covid-19 safety protocols.

Hearing him curse and rip them a new one at the top of his lungs even had me quiet and scared.

If I worked under Tom Cruise and got yelled at like that, I wouldn't make the same mistake twice, ever. Clearly, you can hear how much passion he has for what he does for a living.

Although, he could have handled the situation differently.

Tom Cruise actually does have a point about Covid-19 being a major issue for Hollywood.

We all know about working on a budget and films usually have a certain amount to work on. But to make a film during a pandemic is now even more expensive than before. If filming is a go, then it costs over $1 million to schedule enhanced cleaning for every studio.

After hearing his lecture I started imagining him at certain places in El Paso that wouldn't go very well. In the previous months, we experienced Covid-19 cases spiking rapidly around the Borderland. We all know about and have seen a lot of other locals, not social distancing and having parties (thanks to FitFamEp).

I can definitely picture Tom Cruise rip El Paso a new one after roaming around El Paso on a weekend.

After hearing Tom Cruise's lecture to his film crew also has me wondering if that was why Katie Holmes divorced him.

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