Working the nightlife scene sometimes has its cons due to other people's behaviors. If you have ever worked in the nightclub or bar industry then you know exactly what you're dealing with sometimes. But the ones responsible for there even being a con are because of a customer's moment of outrage.

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Anyone who has worked in that industry has at least dealt with a disrespectful customer once in their life. I sure as hell had my fair share of rude customers when I was a cocktail server years ago at The Storm Nightclub.

Well, there is a local spot that is known for having some good drinks and eats on the Eastside of town that needs your assistance. There is a situation that occurred last night involving a man busting the car windows of the staff at Undisputed Crafthouse.

The owner Chris Madrid shared an image taken from the bar's security cameras of a man who wasn't being very polite to the crew working. According to Chris Madrid, the man was kicked out for his uncalled-for behavior towards his staff.

Which then set him off that left some of the Undisputed Crafthouse staff members with busted car windows. The team at Undisputed Crafthouse needs your help identifying this man you see in the picture below.

If you recognize the man in the picture from security footage don't hesitate to reach out to Chris Madrid. Let's try to help out the staff at Undisputed Crafthouse get justice for this uncalled-for move.

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