When the pandemic hit El Paso hard we all had to change up our lifestyle a bit. Since this all started we have had to focus a lot on keeping our hands clean, practicing social distancing, and wearing masks.

Now I totally agree it is hard to stay away from relatives and friends you're normally used to seeing on a daily basis. I'll admit I take a lot of precaution as much as I can trying to stay Covid-19 free.

Lately, all I do now is work, scoop up my curbside necessities, and then home. Some people like to rely on curbside pickup since there is zero contact with other individuals. Plus, you've heard and seen on the news about disputes happening all around the world over social distancing.

Shoot, I have even witnessed many disputes around El Paso at different stores over people NOT keeping their distance thanks to social media.

I even experienced one of my own but not so much of an altercation at Walmart about social distancing. Before we got hit hard in March, Walmart as well as other businesses had begun setting up social distancing markers at the cashier lines.

Before I started using curbside pickup I would physically do all my shopping when things weren't bad. I was in line at Walmart when a Walmart employee told another employee that was helping me he needs to make sure customers are keeping their distance. She even told the gentleman who wasn't near his social distancing marker and closer to my cart to scoot back.

I must say, I definitely appreciated that Walmart employee who was protecting my safety. Feel free to leave your two cents about the social distancing markers in the poll below.

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